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Pilates in Focus

Lengthen, Strengthen and Control

Nice to Meet You.

 Training and teaching Pilates for the last 15 years has become such a passion for me. I just love the way clients respond relatively quickly to the Pilates way of exercising.

I have been involved in the dance, pilates and fitness industry for several years as an instructor. 

I am getting great feedback from those who feel that using Pilates technique regularly has indeed helped their strength, flexibility, mobility, agility, posture along with their general wellbeing. When they miss a Pilates class their bodies just don’t feel the same!

Hope we talk soon.

Dance Express Owner, Glenys Murphy

Glenys Murphy

Former NZ Fitness Leader of the Year and owner of Dance Express.

Pilates Class at Dance Express
Pilates Class at Dance Express

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For any enquires and class schedule, please connect with our also passionate and enthusiastic administration person.